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Get Clean Water

A ‘water intake guideline’ is to drink 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight you have. Water is the vehicle the body uses to remove toxicity. If you don’t have enough water, the toxins which Shaklee supplements remove from cells, blood and joints may get ‘re-deposited’. I make sure my water is as pure as it can be so it helps me clean my cells instead of adding more toxins. Here’s the water pitcher I trust.

Life Protein

Do you have blood sugar problems or will you be doing an intense workout? If so, use 1/2 serving of our Shaklee Life Shake in water 2 x a day, a boiled egg or 4 oz of chicken.

*Shaklee Routine

Where will you set your Shaklee Supplements so you remember to take the every day?

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