Exercise is really important. Your lymphatic system carries toxins out of your body And immune cells to your whole body. Your lymphatic system has no ‘pump’. Your blood moves through your body when your heart pumps. Your lymph moves when you do exercise. Move whenever you can! -It’s fun to stand on one foot or do leg extensions when doing chores like dishes or watching movies. -The more you move, the more you raise immunity! -Moving your ankles, like when jumping on trampolines, -or walking up steps, -really gets the lymph moving! It’s important to move throughout the day, not just for the one hour at the gym. The ‘micromovement philosophy’ means you move in 5 minute increments throughout the day. To have a healthy heart, we need 10,000 steps daily. One way to do it is to get 1000 steps every time before you eat. That gets you to 5000 steps before supper! Then, take a nice 5000 step walk. To cut more weight, get more than 10,000 steps! Deb made a pinterest board with short exercises for each part of the body. If you want access, click the link above.

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