During Your Cleanse… ——- Embrace the foods on the left so your cleansing systems can activate ——- Eat these foods every 2 hours during the day ——- to reset metabolism & restore microbiome. ——- Eat water, shaklee tea, fruits & veggies. ——- Plus spices, mustard, vinegar, & olive oil. ——- Limit olive oil to 1 cup a week. ——- Daily limits for fruits are ——- Banana ½, orange, 1; avocado ½-1. ——- Daily limits for starchy veggies are 1 serving a day. ——- USE Life Shake or boiled egg if you have blood sugar problems or ——- Do an intense workout. ——- AVOID during the ‘cleanse’ ——- Because they take more energy to digest. ——- Which will be most challenging for you?

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