How would your life change if you added $1,000 to $5,000 a month side income? -people want the ability to say, “I can pay off my student loans or mortgage. I have kids who needs cars.” -Shaklee helps people do that. -Lots of people want to make their lives better. -So, as an EMPLOYEE, we work for someone and trade hours for dollars. Time for $. It’s never a flush of either. -SMALL BUSINESS is more hours and so many fail in the first 5 years. Very risky. -As a SHAKLEE BUSINESS OWNER, -we really like to set up on a part time basis, -Not giving up most of what you do now and start our business system. -Get paid on your work multiple times for months and maybe years. -You can get paid for what you started 5 years ago. -We have a business system to do that. -it can lead to being an INVESTOR. -We have people in shaklee today who earn -an income on something their grandparents started over 50 years ago! -There aren’t many things like that. -If you create an income, you can start to create a portfolio -and invest & diversify your income. That’s what we do in Shaklee!

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