Quick & Safe Cleaning

I like to clean quickly, without harmful chemicals that trigger immune responses. Chemical laden, perfumed cleaners, overloaded my immunity with rashes, hives & congestion headaches.  Our immunity is supposed to kill viruses & bacteria.  But, since synthetic chemicals aren’t alive and can’t be ‘killed’, the immune system wastes its resources as it tries over and over to ‘kill’ the invading chemicals.  So, I freed my immunity by only using safe cleaners which don’t contain chemicals that trigger immune responses.

Here are some of the results my team has achieved with Shaklee’s Safe, natural cleaners…

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Dr. Shaklee lay on top the hay bale when he realized…

What’s in the Get Clean Starter Kit?

I could blame it on the goldfinches in the back yard.  They were so cute I had to quickly run out and feed them before dinner.  That’s when I burned the fajitas.  I wasn’t sure if I could save the pan.

15 minute Declutter Challenge

I’m doing a 30 day “15 minute declutter” challenge! Here are some of the messes I’ve cleaned up so far…

30 Day Get Clean Challenge!!

I love doing ‘Challenges’!  Here’s my 30 DAY GET CLEAN CHALLENGE!  (notice, I still have a few days left to do…)  Let us know in the comments how you’re coming along with YOUR challenge!!

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Executive Coordinator at what age?

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