day 6

Slept all night. Energy Rush!

Day 6 is so much better than day 5! I often hear things like, “I slept all night long for the first time in years!”; “I suddenly have a rush of energy!”; “I’ve lost 5 pounds already! Here I am, reaching my goal!” What is your good news? What have you accomplished so far? What are you grateful for having accomplished?

What’s your Shaklee 180 Plan?

It’s important to make a decision about how you’ll continue your cleansing & weight loss journey. Your BMR (basil metabolic rate) will show you an average of how many calories you’ve consumed to reach your current weight. Of course, sex hormonal imbalance, high stress cortisol and toxicity will affect your metabolism. So, if you’ve been eating less calories than your BMR indicates, we can help you regain balance. Test your feminine hormones here and here. Test your Stress Hormones here and your Thyroid function here.

Do you know your BMR? (If not, request the ‘Measure Tab’ on your Supplement Schedule. It will reveal your BMR.)

What’s your style? Will you calorie count with an app or use our ‘Healthy Recipes for Shaklee 180 Turnaround’ Pinterest Categories to stay within your caloric goal?

try these today…

Sweet Potato Toast

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