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Shakleeizing Your Farm and Ranch

Nature has put everything in your soil that is necessary to grow abundant healthy plants. The most economic way to manage your soil is to add an igniter to the soil and thus begin inner action never before possible.  This is where Basic H, a Shaklee product, comes in.  Basic H is not a plant food as such, but helps get action in the soil that builds soil health.  Basic H can improve water infiltration, or penetration, up to 300%.  Paul Lindholm, a rancher and Independent Shaklee Distributor who uses Basic H on his ranch has experienced how Basic H makes “water wetter than wet.”  Holding water at the root level longer will help your plants in drought or extreme conditions.
Agriculture Use of Basic H


Advantages of Using Basic H as a Soil Conditioner

1          Increases water penetration

2          Reduces some forms of water repellency

3          Reduces rain run-off and loss by evaporation

4          Aids in eliminating standing water

5          Promotes uniform water penetration


Advantages of Using Basic H as a Surfactant

1          Cuts the cost of spraying with same effectiveness

2          Use less chemicals – residue killing

3          No burn down – no retarding growth

4          Makes water wetter making herbicide “hotter” – more potent

5          Helps plants absorb nutrients better increasing growth

6          Reduce herbicide use by 1/4 to 1/2 recommended mix


Advantages of Using Basic H as a Wetting Agent – makes water 300X wetter

1          Increases water penetration and absorption at root level

2          Used with herbicide, cuts (emulsifies) the wax on leaves and absorbs better

3          Improves the condition of the soil – more mellow and easier to work

4          Keeps tanks, hoses, nozzles clean with less wear

5          Cuts the protective coating on insects

6          Effective on alkaline and acidic soils due to its neutral pH


Advantages of Using Basic H as a Seed Treatment – 1-2 cups per bushel

1          Greater root development

2          Faster emergence due to improved germination

3          Seeds absorb proper nutrition better