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I don’t like dressing up to work out every day.  I really don’t like driving to the gym and I just don’t like smelly things ~me that is~ around other people.  So, I created, “Move It!”.


Why it works?

  • COST: zippo!
  • FUN: grins & giggles with support
  • DAYCARE: kids can workout with us while you model healthy movement
  • CREATIVE:  many choices curbs boredom
  • GREAT FORMAT: stretch ~ cardio (zumba, etc) ~ strength (HIIT) ~ stretch
  • ALL LEVELS:  with modified moves you choose
  • WEBCAM: turn it on & we’ll grin at you.  Don’t have a webcam?  Join us anyways!
  • VEGGED OUT:  It’s okay if you’re smelly and messy.  It’s virtual.  No dressing up.
  • COMMUTE TIME:  about 1 minute.
  • MOVE IT:  when you want, how you want, without pain!


  1. You’ll pick your column and work your way down.  On your ‘rest days’, you might pick a row or two and work across.
  2. How do you see us working out AND see the workout videos?  EASY.
    1. ON 1/3 YOUR SCREEN:  Open our webinar room browser.
    2. ON 2/3 YOUR SCREEN:  You’ll click each image to open a browser tab.

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