Candida Free Healthy Fast Food!

When I was overcoming my candida infection, I only ate foods in the ‘Candida Free Zone‘!  These foods don’t actually kill candida, but they limit it’s spread.  I use the right supplements to raise my immunity to kill the candida, cleanse my body from the toxins candida produces as it dies and to repair my organs that have been damaged by it.  This two pronged approach (the right foods & the right supplements) allowed me to drop my candida score from 420 all the way down to 30!  To see which candida symptoms I was overcoming, I used my candida test, which is found here on my test page,  If you want me to accompany you in your healthy journey, please indicate that on the candida test.

  1. I began with the ‘Green Light Foods‘ till my candida score was 100 as a woman (& 80 for men & kids).
  2. I moved to the ‘Yellow Light Foods‘ till my candida score was 70 as a woman (& 50 for men & kids).
  3. Then, I introduced the ‘Red Light Foods‘ till my score was 60 as a woman (& 40 for men & kids).

If I noticed any candida symptoms returning, I moved back a zone for a week or two and re-took the candida test.  Now, I continue to eat low glycemic, low gluten, dairy free food which includes high fiber & high protein.  I limit animal products to a few times a week.  This anti-inflammatory diet & continued supplement use promotes energy and high immunity and keeps the ‘Yeast on the Run‘!

To avoid being overwhelmed, I set up my ‘Salad Bar~ in our Fridge!‘ and cook ‘Freezer Fiesta~ a month of meals in a day to save 19 hrs a month!‘  These two disciplines have changes my life in so many ways!  I have less stress, eat healthier & really enjoy my free time!  Now, there are always fully cooked meals, healthy snacks and nourished people in our home.  I’m so grateful.  I hope this helps you too.   I’m also really working to fully embrace these 6 Surefire Ways to Practice Mindful Eating so I never have to diet again.  Would you comment below and share your insights with me too?  I’d love to learn from you!

healthy fast food MAIN

  1. cheese pie, seed
  2. chicken broccoli stir fry w water chestnuts & carrots
  3. chicken fingers
  4. chicken parmesan, healthy
  5. chicken spinach rolls
  6. chili, bean (vegetarian)
  7. chili, black bean & pumpkin
  8. egg salad sandwich (eggless)
  9. egg sandwich, sunny
  10. Ethiopian cabbage
  11. fish & asparagus with grain
  12. garlic eggplant & chickpea casserole
  13. ginger steak & grain tabbouleh
  14. grilled chicken & garlic mashed turnips
  15. hamburgers
  16. jambalaya (slow cooker)
  17. lime chicken, marinated – grilled
  18. pizza, Mexican
  19. pocket pies
  20. quinoa meatloaf
  21. quinoa with veggies & non dairy cheese
  22. roasted veggies with boiled egg
  23. salmon patties
  24. smoothie, pumpkin pie bliss
  25. soup, black bean
  26. spaghetti & meat sauce
  27. turkey salad w cilantro pesto

healthy fast food SIDE & healthy fast food SOUP

  1. apple, mock
  2. biscuit, coconut
  3. bread, buckwheat
  4. bread, rice
  5. broccoli with balsamic dressing
  6. brussels sprouts
  7. brussels sprouts with orange dressing
  8. cauliflower with lemon-  pine nut dressing
  9. cheese, seed
  10. cheese, seed, garlic & lemon
  11. chow mein, zucchini
  12. crackers, protein
  13. cranberries, dried
  14. flatbread, chickpea
  15. green beans, sesame
  16. honey garlic baked cauli
  17. muffin, 4 ingredient protein
  18. muffin, protein banana oatmeal mini muffins (gluten & dairy free)
  19. pasta tricolore
  20. pine nut sauce / dip
  21. potato, mashed rutabaga
  22. produce filled
  23. quinoa with veggies & non dairy cheese
  24. raspberry & cream
  25. salsa
  26. smiling tomato flowers
  27. soup, black bean
  28. sweet yam casserole
  29. tabouli, pomegranate & pumpkin seed
  30. veggie balls
  31. veggie owl
  32. wild rice, almonds & veggies
  33. zucchini nut bread

healthy fast food SALAD.jpg

  1. apple & walnut salad
  2. Asian chop salad
  3. broccoli red pepper salad
  4. brown rice & green apple feta salad
  5. cauliflower & beet, sweet potato & scallion kale
  6. chicken cabbage salad
  7. chicken grain salad
  8. chop salad
  9. dressing, caesar
  10. dressing, cheesy
  11. dressing, creamy herb (dairy & egg free)
  12. dressing, Italian
  13. dressing, poppy seed
  14. dressing, ranch
  15. dressing, salad
  16. dressing, vinaigrette, citrus
  17. happy face salad
  18. raspberry spinach salad
  19. smiling tomato flowers
  20. turkey salad with cilantro pesto
  21. veggie owl
  22. zesty crunchy cashew salad

healthy fast food SNACK

  1. bars, lemon & poppyseed
  2. bars, nut
  3. bars, trail mix
  4. celery benefits
  5. cheese, seed
  6. cheese, seed, garlic & lemon
  7. citrus delight
  8. crackers, cheese (no dairy)
  9. crackers, protein
  10. crackers, veggie
  11. energy bites
  12. energy bites, Suni’s easy
  13. guacamole, delicious
  14. happy face salad
  15. hummus
  16. hummus, savory pumpkin
  17. muffin, 4 ingredient protein
  18. muffin, protein banana oatmeal mini muffins (gluten & dairy free)
  19. old man pineapple face
  20. popcorn
  21. popcorn, microwaved
  22. produce power
  23. protein nut balls, no bake
  24. Reese’s healthy protein bars
  25. salsa
  26. spiced mixed nuts
  27. super food snacks
  28. sweet chili paprika corn
  29. veggie balls
  30. veggie owl
  31. zucchini nut bread

healthy fast food DESSERT

  1. bars, lemon & poppyseed
  2. bars, nut
  3. brownies, gooey
  4. cake, carob (flour free)
  5. cake, chocolate bean
  6. cookies, lemon nut
  7. energy bites
  8. fudge, macadamia nut
  9. gelato, instant (overview)
  10. gelato, instant orange creamsicle
  11. gelato, instant vanilla
  12. ice cream
  13. ice cream, sniffle stopper
  14. muffin & cake
  15. peanut butter cups
  16. pudding, chocolate raspberry
  17. pudding, chocolate, Shaklee
  18. pudding, rice
  19. pudding, sunny lemon
  20. pudding, tapioca with raw chia seeds
  21. pudding, vanilla nut
  22. Reese’s healthy protein bars
  23. rhubarb & ginger crunch
  24. zucchini nut bread

healthy fast food BREAKFAST4

  1. eggs in sweet potato shells
  2. milk, delicious creamy almond
  3. nut bars
  4. pancakes, mung bean
  5. pancakes, protein
  6. quiche, vegetable
  7. savory breakfast produce
  8. smoothie, avocado green apple
  9. smoothie, blueberry blast
  10. smoothie, blueberry bliss
  11. smoothie, carrot apple lime
  12. smoothie, carrot cake
  13. smoothie, chocolate covered banana
  14. smoothie, chocolate covered cherry
  15. smoothie, chocolate strawberry twist
  16. smoothie, chunky monkey
  17. smoothie, cranberry cleanse
  18. smoothie, French Christiana 
  19. smoothie, Hawaiian pineapple
  20. smoothie, immune booster
  21. smoothie, just peachy
  22. smoothie, mint chocolate chip
  23. smoothie, notta latte spice
  24. smoothie, orange cream
  25. smoothie, peanut butter cup
  26. smoothie, pick me up strawberry
  27. smoothie, pina colada
  28. smoothie, pumpkin pie
  29. smoothie, pumpkin pie bliss
  30. smoothie, raspberry cheesecake
  31. smoothie, spiced chai
  32. smoothie, strawberry chard
  33. smoothie, strawberry lemonade
  34. smoothie, vanilla almond delish smoothie
  35. smoothie, watermelon whip
  36. smoothie, yella berry delish
  37. What’s in your breakfast?

healthy fast food BEVERAGE SMOOTHIE text.jpg

  1. smoothie, avocado green apple
  2. smoothie, blueberry blast
  3. smoothie, blueberry bliss
  4. smoothie, carrot apple lime
  5. smoothie, carrot cake
  6. smoothie, chocolate covered banana
  7. smoothie, chocolate covered cherry
  8. smoothie, chocolate strawberry twist
  9. smoothie, chunky monkey
  10. smoothie, cranberry cleanse
  11. smoothie, French Christiana 
  12. smoothie, Hawaiian pineapple
  13. smoothie, immune booster
  14. smoothie, just peachy
  15. smoothie, mint chocolate chip
  16. smoothie, notta latte spice
  17. smoothie, orange cream
  18. smoothie, peanut butter cup
  19. smoothie, pick me up strawberry
  20. smoothie, pina colada
  21. smoothie, pumpkin pie
  22. smoothie, pumpkin pie bliss
  23. smoothie, raspberry cheesecake
  24. smoothie, spiced chai
  25. smoothie, strawberry chard
  26. smoothie, strawberry lemonade
  27. smoothie, vanilla almond delish smoothie
  28. smoothie, watermelon whip
  29. smoothie, yella berry delish
  30. cucumber limeade
  31. milk, delicious creamy almond

healthy fast food CONDIMENT SPICE 4

  1. boulion, veggie
  2. cilantro pesto
  3. dressing, caesar
  4. dressing, cheesy
  5. dressing, creamy herb (dairy & egg free)
  6. dressing, Italian
  7. dressing, poppy seed
  8. dressing, ranch
  9. dressing, salad
  10. dressing, vinaigrette, citrus
  11. mayo, dairy & egg free
  12. onion soup mix, dry
  13. sausage seasoning
  14. taco seasoning

healthy fast foods sauces dips 3.png

  1. BBQ sauce, tangy
  2. bean dip
  3. cheese, cream, dairy free, garlic chive!
  4. cheese, seed
  5. cheese, seed, garlic & lemon
  6. chicken green sauce
  7. guacamole, delicious
  8. hummus
  9. hummus, savory pumpkin
  10. lemon sauce
  11. pine nut sauce / dip
  12. spaghetti & meat sauce

healthy fast food DETOX

  1. colon cleansing foods
  2. foods that detox
  3. smoothie, cranberry cleanse
  4. smoothie, watermelon whip
  5. NOTE:  all our smoothies help the body to cleanse / detox

healthy fast food SUBSTITUTIONS.jpg


  1. baking powder
  2. cake, carob (flour free)
  3. egg
  4. egg salad sandwich (eggless)
  5. gluten free flour substitutions that actually work
  6. mayo, dairy & egg free
  7. milk, delicious creamy almond
  8. noodle swaps (steam, broil or boil the veggies)
  9. sweetener swaps (~instead of immunity lowering, high glycemic & inflammatory causing refined sugar!)
    • apples (pureed)
    • erythritol
    • grapes (pureed)
    • stevia
    • syrup, maple
    • xylitol
  10. yeast

healthy fast food TIPS.jpg

  1. Arsenic in rice causes cancer.  How to reduce the arsenic?
  2. Calorie density of food really counts.
  3. Childhood constipation is as serious as Asthma.
  4. Chipotle calculator.
  5. Do what’s right.
  6. How celery benefits can help you.
  7. How certain fats can cause sudden death.
  8. How much exercise to negate what you ate?
  9. How much water does it take to grow each type of food?
  10. How to be happy?
  11. How to eat more complex carbs?
  12. How to ‘get clean in the kitchen’?
  13. How to increase veggie protein intake?
  14. How to make a balanced plate?
  15. How to make bread stay moist longer?
  16. How to make low sodium soup tastier?
  17. How to sprout grains?
  18. How to stop food cravings?
  19. Less meat reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  20. Plate ratio, protein to veggie to complex carb
  21. Shaklee 180 daily meal plan menu makes life easier.
  22. Shaklee is beyond organic.
  23. Soy, did you know?
  24. What are dead zones?
  25. What’s in a banana?
  26. What’s in an egg?
  27. What’s in your breakfast?
  28. What is real food?
  29. What does organic mean?
  30. Why avoid sodium benzoate?
  31. Why is diet soda dangerous?
  32. Which is more filling?
  33. Your body is a fine tuned vehicle

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  2. They all sound so fantastic!

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    Thank you for the information. I help a lot of people with Candida. So this blog is going to be great for resource. I plan to also use it my support call that I lead every Monday.

    • You’re welcome, Amy Lehnert!! I’m really excited to help people to successfully overcome candida and to keep their pancreas working effectively their whole lives! It’s awesome you’ll empower others with this material too!

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