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How to Get the Most From Your Efforts – and not waste any of Them!

Great work! You made it to day 7! So many things have changed in your body… and you caused those changes to occur. (You and your Shaklee!). I hope you’re feeling really great about that. It took self control and many decisions to get here. Your metabolism is faster, your body has more energy, your skin and immunity are improved. You might even sleep better! Now, how do you move forward towards your goals from here? On day 8…



  1. Add one food a day into your diet. If the food is dairy based, wait 3 days before adding another new food. Why? Because dairy can take 3 days to digest. You may notice stuffed sinuses, constipation, stomach issues and little bumps on the back of your arms from dairy intolerance. If you get any of these symptoms, avoid dairy until later in your health journey. Notice how you feel as you add your new food into your diet. If you get inflamed, tired, pain, loose or constipated stools, that’s a food you’re not producing enzymes to digest. If this happens, you can either use digestive enzymes with each meal (Shaklee alfalfa for produce, Shaklee Ez-Gest for animal products like dairy and meat and for fatty foods like avocado) or you can wait till your body is able to produce these enzymes again. The second option takes time. I suggest adding foods from the left to the right of this chart.



2. Two Shakes A Day. If you’re not at your weight loss goal, then do the ‘Shaklee 180’ plan of 2 Life Shakes a day, one snack and one additional meal. The caloric goal should be less than the amount you ate to get to your higher weight.



3. Crowd the ‘junk food’ out! Fill yourself with healthy, nutritionally dense food so you won’t have room for unhealthy cravings. Set a goal of 5-12 servings of produce a day. (One serving of vegetables is 1 cup. One serving of fruits is 3/4 cup.)



4. Take your Shaklee Supplements Daily. I suggest the Vitalizer Strip to feed every cell and body system. I also suggest using the cleansing supplements found in the ‘7 Day Healthy Cleanse till you’ve reached your health goals or forever. I’m a ‘forever cleanser’ because I have methylation issues which cause my cells to have more difficulty cleansing. Shaklee helps my body do its job better.



5. Stay Accountable! Use the links at the bottom of this page to find some weekly tips to fully reach your health goals!! We’re in it for the long haul. We empower people to understand and overcome emotional ties to food, understand BMI, BMR, daily caloric goals, glycemic index, etc. Food intake is such a personal thing which affects most aspects of our being. The more we understand our choices l and the way they affect us, the more freedom we’ll gain to choose the things that make us stronger!



6. Encourage Others with Your Story! We impact each other more than we know. Your story (of successes and of challenges) will help others see that they can do it too. Post your results in your social media. Why? Others are watching and thinking… I wonder how he/she will do? I wonder if there is hope for me? If he/she can do it, maybe I can too! If you want to empower others to reach their potential of pain free, energetic, healthy weight and immunity, you’ll have to lead by example and get your message out there! Do you have to post half naked pics of yourself to get their attention? Nope. You can post a pic of how you can zip up your boot because your calf is leaner, or you doing an activity you couldn’t do last year because your body had more pain, or even an outfit that didn’t fit last season. Make posts that give others hope and belief in themselves. Then, coach them to reach their goals too! What could that lead to? It could lead to making a difference in their lives. It could lead to you becoming a coach of a large business with residual income for your future. It could lead to many life-giving relationships that fuel your soul. Reach out to me if you’d like this. We can show you how.


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