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Shaklee is thriving because we offer proven solutions that people want and need right now. We’re looking for people to grow with us, with a way to earn an income that allows you to work from anywhere – from your home and your phone – and get paid daily by helping people be healthy and find financial security.

Watch a special message from our Chairman & CEO Roger Barnett and learn how you can be a part of our mission to help people thrive, even in these uncertain times.

Make Wellness Your Business

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Our mission is to create a healthier world.  Join the movement of wellness that’s paid out $9B in commissions and help change lives with a whole village behind you.  Let’s make it happen, together.


Success as real as our people

"The quality products are why I started sharing Shaklee. The ability to be my own boss, work from anywhere, and help others achieve their health goals is why I keep going!" Tovah S., Distributor since 2015
"Shaklee inspired us to incorporate products into our fitness business. Partnering with a company with a wonderful reputation makes nutrition stress-free." Sheree and Brandon C., Distributors since 2005
"Since partnering with Shaklee, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm with the right company. We have amazing products and earning potential." Rochelle P., Distributor since 2012
"Shaklee's promise is why I started, and my results are why I continued! Now I get to share my results—as well as the joy of achieving them—with others interested in Shaklee's promise." Tehila H., Distributor since 2020
"I'm busy homeschooling and chasing after a toddler, but Shaklee makes it easy to fit my business in. Working doesn't feel like work when you believe in what you're doing." Robyn F., Distributor since 2013
"My business lets me take my greatest passions, turn them into a lifestyle, and make an impact on people that wasn’t possible before. Simple, meaningful, and fulfilling." Aaron D., Distributor since 2012

You've got questions. We've got answers.

Being a Shaklee Distributor means you own a business and are part of the Shaklee Family. We believe that everyone has the right to live their best life. To live a healthy life, with meaning and purpose, with the possibility of supplemental, flexible income. You choose how, when, and where you work. The income earned from sharing Shaklee products with others can mean more fun, more time with family and friends, and more choices about how you spend your day and your money. Shaklee Distributors may sell Shaklee products, earn bonuses, and sponsor others into Shaklee.

Shaklee distributors help people lead healthy lives through plant based nutrition which was developed from peer-reviewed scientific research.  We coach our distributors to develop business on their terms, working from home, setting their own hours, & fulfilling their own values.  We share an authentic, permission-based style that attracts high quality clients and business partners who want to be paid to lead healthy lives.  We learn to grow our businesses by identifying opportunities that exist in our daily lives using both live and social media settings of 1 to many people.  We use teamwork to learn the communication, time management and health skills to effectively help clients achieve their goals and refer clients to us.  

As a Shaklee Distributor, the earnings opportunity is up to you! Our compensation plan rewards you based on your efforts. We have both daily and monthly pay opportunities.




Daily Pay:

Prove It Challenge Bonus: $25 Each time you sponsor a new person with a Challenge Kit.

Star Club Bonus: $75 Each time you sponsor 3 new members or distributors with $150+ order in a calendar month.




Monthly Pay:
Earn commissions based on customer product purchase and team activity. How much you earn is up to you!  Includes cars, trips and celebrations with requirements.



Loyalty Bonuses:
Up to an additional $1,500 a month on top of your commissions.  

  • $50 — Help 3 Distributors you’ve personally sponsored place a Loyalty Order of $150 in the same month.
  • $250 — Each of the Distributors you’ve sponsored have 3 Distributors they’ve personally sponsored place a Loyalty Order of $150 in the same calendar month
  • $1500 — Each of those 3 directly sponsored Distributors have three personally sponsored Distributors who place a Loyalty Order of $150 in the same calendar month.




Pace Setter

Up to an additional $500 when GV requirements are met.  (All new distributors who joined after 1/1/22 are eligible.) details here.




2022 Rank Up Bonuses

Earn up to a maximum of $20,000 on top of regular bonuses when requirements are met.  Details here.





New Leader Conference 2022/2023

Earn this unique, exclusive, virtual experience that includes a special celebration, gifts and a 90-minute training session.  It’s held quarterly.  Details here.



VIP Recognition at Conference

Details here.



Quarterly Incentive

Details here.




Star Club Trip

2023 Star Club Incentive Trip to Los Cabos

Details here.

The best way to quickly get your Shaklee business up and running is with a Starter Kit. All of our kits are designed to help you learn how to earn an income, get to know the products, and build a successful business. Take the first step by choosing one that works best for your health, business goals, and budget.

Each kit includes…





Starter Kits

Meology Prove It Starter Kit – $169 + $49.95 Business Starter Kit ($365 VALUE)
Includes: Meology personalized supplement plan created just for YOU, your choice of 2 Life Shake canisters, a free 7-Day Healthy Cleanse, and all our essential business tools.




Prove It Starter Kit $169 + $49.95 Business Starter Kit ($349 VALUE)
Includes: Vitalizer supplement strip, your choice of 2 Life Shake canisters, a free 7-Day Healthy Cleanse, and all our essential business tools.


Business Starter Kit $49.95 ($82 Value)
Includes: The essential business tools: Personal Website (PWS) to get selling, mobile apps to manage your business, samples to share with family, and support and training to get you started quickly.





Business Booster Kits (available for first 90 days)… 

Special collections: Healthy Family & Home, Best of Beauty, Medicine Cabinet, Healthy Weight, Ultimate Immune Health, Best Sellers — see here





To be bonus eligible, you must be a Distributor or higher and have a minimum monthly order of 100 Personal Volume. Volume (PV) is a value associated with every product purchase.

No!  But we think you will want to be… When you set up a monthly Loyalty Order of $100 or more between the 1st and 15th of the month, you’re automatically part of our Loyalty Rewards program. You will earn points right away on your Loyalty Order purchases. Points can be redeemed for free products! Increase your Loyalty Order to $150 to be eligible for Loyalty Bonuses.

Discussion Points

1) What do you like best about a Shaklee Business?

2) What questions do you have?

3) Here’s what the Dream Plan offers.

4) What do you want to earn?  (supplemental, replacement or freedom income)   

5)  What else is motivating to you?  If you could improve 3 things, what would they be?  

6)  Would you like to do the ‘Dream Call‘ with us? If so, schedule it.

7) Would you listen to the 20 min Dream Call before our next session?

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