day 3

If you’re struggling today in any way, please speak up; don’t give up! One of us has probably faced the challenge you’re having and has a solution. some common challenges on day three are:

1) LOOSE STOOL. This is just your body cleansing and releasing digestive and cellular waste. It’s a good thing it’s getting out of you! Give it a wave of goodbye!

2) FATIGUE. Shaklee is working hard to help purify your system. Your body probably needs some extra time to rest. Did you know that there are parts of your body that can only cleanse when you’re sleeping? The brain is one of those areas. Take a walk and a nap if possible.

3). LOW BLOOD SUGAR. Many people are addicted to sugar partly because refined sugar is in so many convenience foods. This puts strain on our pancreas and glucose receptor sites. Even these areas benefit from the 7 Day Healthy Cleanse. If you have blood sugar problems, you’d benefit from an easily digestible protein like 1-2 Shaklee Life Shakes, a boiled egg or 4 ounces of salt free chicken breast.

Do you have a problem not listed here? Please comment below or send me a text. We’ll find a solution! Speak up; don’t give up!

Ways To Avoid Food Boredom by Re-training Your Tastebuds

1) SPICE IT UP. Use 3 recipes from the ‘sauces & seasoning’ section of our Pinterest Board and use them on all the produce! My top 3 are Ranch Seasoning, Italian Dressing and DF cheese sauce. I drizzle olive oil and ranch seasoning on roasted veggies. I use Italian Dressing on raw veggies and DF Cheese Sauce on hot and cold produce. What are your favorites? Please reveal your tips in the comments. We appreciate it!

2. SWAP IT OUT. Get great at swapping out meat, grain, beans, dairy and salt for healthier, easier to digest options! What food is the most difficult for you to avoid during the 7 Day Healthy Cleanse? One of mine is meat. My favorite meat swap outs are roasted cauliflower, butternut squash and portabella mushrooms. I use them in recipes that normally call for meat, things like tacos and root noodle spaghetti. Determine 1-3 ‘go to’ healthier swap outs for meats, grains, beans and dairy and prep them before you need them so you can resist falling off the wagon.

What are your favorite swap outs?

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