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If you could feel better in any 3 ways, what would they be?  (energy, weight, inflammation, sleep, hormones, strength, mood…)  


If any of these apply to you, would you watch these two short videos and let me know your reaction? 

Do you want to join me in our ‘Prove It Challenge’ to prove it to yourself that you CAN feel better, be healthier in a clean, pure and sustainable way?

Begin here.

I can get you a deep discount.

  • 30 days of vitamin strip & shake.
  • 7 Day Healthy Cleanse.
  • Free shipping & lifetime discounts.
  • Normally $256, but today $159.
  • Want in?

Click here.

How healthy are you?

  1. Submit your health test to see how healthy you are.
  2. We’ll contact you for your consult.  It’s free, effective and really helps you reach your health goals!
  3. Membership saves you 15% on all items.  


‘Better You’ Intro Health Sessions

  • Because we’re international, we have online/phone health presentations.
  • Wish you could help your aunt Ginny in Canada, but you live in Michigan?  No problem!  We use phone & web conference.  It works.
  • Want a health presentation?  Contact us.

Want to see if you’re in the ‘Shaklee Zone’ in specialty health areas?

  1. Submit other health tests here.


Want to learn more from trusted sources?

  1. Request access to our Database of 100s of topics
  2. Request to participate in our Learn & Earn program to earn some free Shaklee products!
  • If accepted into our Learn & Earn Program, complete our online eval and we’ll respond to your questions / referrals ASAP.
  • Become your own health advocate.
  • Earn $20-$150 in Shaklee gift certificates.
  • Know someone who would like this?  Request to begin.  It’s a snap!



Payday / Training

  • Simple.  Self-initiated.  Honest.  Your income depends on you.
  • More progress occurs through consistent small changes than through sporadic efforts.  This is true in all areas of life, like creating health and developing a business.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a consultant on our team, please contact us.

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