Services we offer

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Member Benefits

Online Questionnaires

  • CANDIDA yeast: Ever take antibiotics, birth control, or cortisol?  Have: athlete’s foot, nail fungus, mold allergies, itchy skin, bloating, intestinal pain, acne, sugar cravings, memory lapses? 

  • HEALTH QUOTIENT: Discover your health zone.  This annual eval addresses existing problems and helps prevent new ones.  brief|medium|extensive 1 2 

  • HORMONES: Moody?  Insomnia?  Dry hair/skin?  Sex drive drove away?


  • Listen to/read about 1000s of health topics.

  • We continually update.

  •  We’ve included other trusted databases.

Learn & Earn

  • If accepted into our Learn & Earn Program, you borrow a fully loaded mp3 player & choose among 60 health topics.

  • After each, complete our online eval and we’ll respond to your questions / referrals ASAP.

  • Become your own health advocate.

  • Earn $20-$100 gift certificates.

  • Know someone who would like this?  Request to begin.  It’s a snap!

Better You

  • Because we’re international, we have online/phone health presentations.

  • Wish you could help your aunt Ginny in Canada, but you live in Michigan?  No problem!  We use phone & web conference.  It works.

  • Want a health presentation?  Contact us.

Payday Training

  • Simple.  Self-initiated.  Honest.  Your income depends on you.

  • The Slight Edge.  More progress occurs through consistent small changes than through sporadic efforts.  This is true in all areas of life, like creating health and developing a business.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a consultant on our team, please contact us.

Taiwan & China

  • If you know anyone who: speaks Chinese, lives in the USA with connections in Taiwan or China, and is looking for income, please connect us with them.  Maybe we have what they’re looking for.



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