day 5

Day 5 is challenging for me. I feel hungry and a little weary. I’ll direct my thoughts to why I’m doing this. My motivation must be in the forefront of my thoughts. I want great digestion and healthy weight! I never want repeat hospital stay for an infected, blocked intestine. I don’t want another threat of having to hack out portions of my intestine. And, I want to fit in my clothing — ALL my clothing. I want to move without any inflammation pain. I want lubricated joints that feel good to move. Since, on average, I’ll be in this world for another 35 years, I want to create cells that create a body that feels good as long as it’s here. It’s worth learning new skills. It’s worth temporary denial for long term health. I can do it. So can you.

Please tell us what’s motivating you to create the healthiest body you can. I will read and honor your comments. I believe you can do it!

Try these today…

Grain Free Spring Rolls
Sweet Potato Chips
Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

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