1) Did you prep at least 7 different produce?

2) Which 2 soups will you make?


3) Which 3 dips or sauces will you make?

4) What meats did you roast for the ‘non cleansers’ in your family?

I add simple spices to the meat I roast to use as a neutral base. (onion salt, onion pieces, garlic, paprika and chives). I shred the meat while it’s still hot to save cutting time. I also use the liquid from the Instant Pot as Stock. I freeze it in ice cube trays so I always have some on hand. I make the main meal ‘sauce’ (for example fajitas or Italian spaghetti) and add it to the meat for my ‘non cleansing family members’ and add it to my meat substitute produce for my ‘cleansers’.

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