Lip Smackin Smoothies

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I get 2 smoothies a day & lots of mix-ins so I never get bored!

  1. EXTRACTS: for intense flavor w/out the calories.
  2. SHAKLEE ENERGIZING TEA: for my morning smoothie for energy and cleansing.
  3. PB2 is a powder mix-in that adds flavor w/out 85% of the fat.
  4. TRUE LEMON, LIME & ORANGE are dehydrated citruses for intense flavor that block the taste of veggie mix-ins like spinach & kale.

avocado-green-apple-smoothie-titleblueberry-blast-smoothie-titleblueberry-bliss-smoothie-title carrot-apple-lime-smoothie-titlecarrot-cake-smoothie-titlechocholate-covered-banan-smoothi-titlechocolate-covered-cherry-title chocolate-strawberry-twist-smoothie-titlechunky-monkey-smoothie-titlecranberry-smoothie-cleanse-titlefrench-christiana-smoothie-titlehawaiian-pineapple-smoothie-titleimmune-booster-smoothie-titlejust-peachy-smoothie-titlemint-chocolate-chip-smoothie-titlemocha-latte-smoothie-titlenotta-latte-spice-smoothie-titleorange-cream-smoothie-titlepeanut-butter-cup-smoothie-titlepick-me-up-strawberry-smoothie-titlestrawberry-shortcake-smoothie-titlepina-colada-smoothie-titlepumpkin-pie-smoothie-titleraspberry-cheesecake-smoothie-titleraspberry-lime-smoothies-titlespiced-chai-smoothie-titlestrawberry-chard-smoothie-titlestrawberry-lemonaide-smoothie-titlevanilla-almond-delight-smoothie-titlewatermelon-whip-smoothie-titleyella-berry-delish-smoothie-titlesmoothie-supplies


I keep 4 supplies on hand for when I’m home or on the go.

  1. GET CLEAN BEST WATER PITCHER to remove toxins & make the smoothie taste great.
  2. SHAKER BOTTLE W METAL BALL for when I can’t plug in.
  3. SHAKLEE LIFE PROTEIN as a powerful veggie-protein mix in.
  4. MAGIC BULLET creates a one serving size thick texture smoothie.




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