day 2


Dr Shaklee teaches us that “It is well to remember that every thought you produce tends to be given physical expression.  Certainly, it will have an influence in the expression of your life.”  

Today, I’m going to notice my thoughts surrounding the foods I choose to fuel my body with. I’ll ask myself questions like…

Questions to Improve Mindset & Overcome Food Addictions

  • 1. What do I crave & why?
  • 2. What emotional ties do I have with eating?
  • -----Have I ever been punished by the withholding of certain foods?
  • -----What affect has this had on me?
  • 3. Do I have a scarcity mentality towards giving myself the highest quality food? Why?
  • 4. How do I feel when I'm prepping food for myself? For others? Why?
  • 5. How do I feel when others prepare food for me? (Do I feel loved? Do I think I'm a burden?)
  • 6. What thoughts make me strong?
  • -----"I eat nutritious food for more energy!"
  • -----"I feel great when I take food prep time!"
  • -----"I avoid immune-lowering foods!"

Tips for Today

Eat Every 2 Hours

Did you eat enough healthy food every 2 hours to avoid feeling like you're 'starving'? Remember, people who don't eat enough calories risk falling into the 'starvation mode' which lowers metabolism & causes weight loss plateaus.

Eat 8-12 Servings of Produce

It's great to eat a combo of produce. Raw produce has more nutrients, but frozen is more convenient and contains more nutrients than canned produce.

Did you try any of my favs?

There are 200+ cleanse-compliant healthy recipes for you on our Healing Hope 7 Day Healthy Cleanse Pinterest Board.

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