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1) Take measurements

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Notice the shape your body is in.

2) Weigh yourself

Weigh yourself unclothed in the morning after bowel movement (if possible), before eating or drinking.

3) Take your Shaklee

Take your Shaklee Supplements in the am & pm.

4) Eat your produce

Eat your produce every 2 day time hours. Use 1 scoop of Shaklee Life Shake twice a day to maintain blood sugar levels or if you’re working out.

4) If low blood sugar or intense workout…

If low blood sugar or intense workout, use 1 scoop of Shaklee Life Shake in water with produce mix-ins twice a day.

5) Try these today…

Roasted Parsnips With Lemon & Herbs
obello Mushroom Burger
Citrus Veggie Salad
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