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(November 28, 2008) — Family life gets crazy around the holidays, and kids can get out of their bathroom routine. A new study finds childhood constipation is much more than an inconvenience – it’s a common, sometimes serious medical problem that costs nearly billion each year to treat. That’s equal to major chronic illnesses like asthma and ADHD. We have some important tips for parents to help treat or prevent the problem before it gets serious. … > full story



Motto:  “If it goes in, it must come out!”  

  • If you eat one full meal a day, you should have one full bowel movement a day.  (2 meals, 2 movements, etc.)  
  • Ideally, BMs should float, clean easily (not liquid, sticky or hard), and not smell too odorous.   
  • If you don’t have the ‘ideal BM’, you can increase fiber, herbs and alkalinity.



  • helps digestion 
  • eases constipation,
  • cleanses bowel, blood and arteries.   


Herb Lax

  • strengthens intestinal muscle action
  • cleanses intestine and blood
  • increases nutrient absorption


    • increases alkalinity of cellular system
    • enzymes help digest food in the stomach before it enters the intestine
    • natural body deodorizer



    digestive system