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Sweet Potato Toast

These rich little babies are fantastic, especially if you’re grain free!  Sweet Potato Toast are simply slices of sweet potatoes with lots of good stuff on top (or between).  They’re a great way to get more produce in your diet.  I’m doing ‘7 Day Healthy Cleanse’ and have challenged myself to eat as many produce a day as I can till I’m filled up.  Sweet potatoes really do fill a person up quickly.  I made some vegan dips and mayos to spread on top and stick some crispy veggies into.  I roast mine on my NewWave; some people cook them in the toaster.  They only take a few minutes to cut with a knife, slicer or a food processor.  Hope you have fun with these!




sweet potato


olive oil

favorite spices (I use my Ranch Dressing Mix)


  1.  Wash Sweet Potatoes
  2.   Cut them.
  3.   Put them in a bowl (that has a lid) and drizzle oil & spices on top.
  4.   Put on the lid and shake them up!
  5.   Roast them in the oven @ 350 for 25 min till browned.  Flip them over and roast another 20 min.    -or-   Roast them in the New Wave for 15 min; flip them and roast another 12-15 min till browned. 
  6.   Top with your favorite dips or sauces.

I topped some with my Avocado Parsnip Mayo – vegan (dairy free, egg free), GF, nut free  and others with Vegan Cheese Sauce – nut and oil free.
The purple sweet potatoes have a more uniform, cylindrical shape.
I topped with my Garlic Chive Cream Cheese – dairy free, high protein deliciousness!