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My life changed when I discovered this amazing way to make dairy free cream cheese!  I’ve been dairy free for nearly 20 years now and have been missing the creamy deliciousness of cheese!  I’ve tried every alternative on the market and they just don’t do it for me.  I think it’s the texture… or maybe the knowledge that most of them don’t have much protein in them.  Empty carbs aren’t my idea of a good time.  I worked too hard to overcome candida and really serious hypoglycemia issues!  15 years ago I used to faint and have hypoglycemic seizures with 26 blood sugar.   I now have perfect 90 fasting blood glucose and won’t let that go– for anything!

Here’s my latest creation!!


The texture starts out a little soft, but will thicken up in the fridge.

IMG_6843IMG_6845Instead of grain based bread, I love to eat my sweet potato bread slices. Drenched in olive oil and sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt, they’re ready for roasting!


This is a great, low glycemic – high protein, vegan snack!  I feel so good when I eat these!  Want some?IMG_6849


Here’s the Life Protein I use.  It’s the only brand I trust & recommend.

cream cheese - garlic chive

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