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For us, it all started when Deb almost died from mercury poisoning. After losing 9 children to miscarriage, struggling with endometriosis, thyroid disorder, 37 food allergies, osteopenia, Crohn’s disease, and severe insomnia, life became difficult. Deb had to quit teaching 8th grade, slow down in her art studio, and lay in bed for nearly 3 years. The power of Shaklee products changed all that. Now, Russ and Deb have a thriving international business and help people every day to feel better and live with a higher quality of health.

from Deb:

I help others create energy and avoid sickness.  Why?

I know the sick bed AND the river bed.  Each have heros.


My sick bed was an indian-giver.  At first it lead me to castles; then, at times, it was a mote, blocking entrance.  As long as mansions swirled, (mind and heart talking with soul), I felt the happiest peace.  But, when my intense body-pain increased so much that it demanded & controlled nearly all my faculties, it almost ‘dropped the call’ on my soul-talk.  I don’t believe humans are meant to live this way, to live in preventable sickness.

So now, I restore temples which protect mansions.


Running through riverbeds, I am Legolas.  Wind races through my hair, speaking of freedom and grace.

We have more rivers to cross.

Deb’s Health Testimony

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