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Potassium Loss From Blood Pressure Drugs May Explain Higher Risk Of Adult Diabetes (December 1, 2008) — Researchers have discovered that a drop in blood potassium levels caused by diuretics commonly prescribed for high blood pressure could be the reason why people on those drugs are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. The drugs helpfully accelerate loss of fluids, but also deplete important chemicals, including potassium, so that those who take them are generally advised to eat bananas and other potassium-rich foods to counteract the effect. … > full story

Discover what other nutrients your drugs are depleting from your body.


Diabetes Medications In Same Class Carry Different Risks Of Heart Failure, Death (December 1, 2008) — Older adults who take the diabetes medication rosiglitazone appear to have a higher risk of death and heart failure than those taking the related medication pioglitazone, according to a new report. … > full story


Portuguese Scientists Discover New Mechanism That Regulates Formation Of Blood Vessels (November 30, 2008) — Researchers have discovered a novel mechanism which regulates the process whereby new blood vessels are formed and wounds heal, including chronic wounds, such as those found in diabetic patients and those suffering from morbid obesity. These findings have implications for the development of new therapeutic approaches to healing damaged blood vessels and building new ones. … > full story


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