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Your body burden is the the amount of chemicals found in your bloodstream.  These chemicals are linked to an assortment of diseases and cancers.

Here’s the body burden test

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Hi Sloan,

My Book Club just finished up the third party of the series about beauty products and all that I have to say is WOW!  Before reading your book, I had no idea that my cleaning or beauty products actually contained toxins!  My friends and I had so much fun trying out new make-up and lotions—we left feeling beautiful and more importantly, healthy.  I look forward to next Saturday with the kids—they will teach us a few things or two about being green!  THANK YOU for bringing this information to us.  XOXO

Remember that the journey to a healthier and greener life is about simple steps.  The GGWE Book Club is a series of six parties designed to help you lower your “Body Burden” score, one simple step at a time.  Click here to start planning your Green Goes With Everything Book Club Party Series today!

Green Goes With Everything Book Club Party Series*:

  • GGWE Party ONE What’s Your “Body Burden” Score?  Learn the Toxic Truth About the Pollution in Your Body
  • GGWE Party TWO:  Scary Clean: Are Your Cleaning Products Making You Sick?
  • GGWE Party THREE:  Clean Body:  Do Your Beauty Products Contain Ugly Chemicals and Toxins?
  • GGWE Party FOUR:  Clean Baby: Making a Healthy Home for Your Children
  • GGWE Party FIVE: Clean Food: Eating the Fun and Healthy Way
  • GGWE Party SIX: Clean Air: Is Your Home Filled With Toxic Air?

 MSN interviews Sloan Barnett about her new book, Green Goes with Everything.