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  • What is making you feel overwhelmed?
    • LEARNING CURVE?  It’s natural and expected that our minds will be on overdrive every time we learn a new skill, subject, job, etc.  It’s part of the learning curve.  In time, all the new skills will come automatically.  Now, I give myself a pat on the back with each new skill and a little hug of patience when I don’t have the skill yet.
    • TOO COMPLICATED OR NO PLAN?  The simpler it is, the better it will work.  If overwhelmed, it helps to clarified your plan & make sure you haven’t gone away from it. I’m learning to make a list, keep the objective simple and clear and only do activities which directly relate to accomplishing the task.  Then, I get to check mark it!   
      • Here’s an example: choice:  Spend 5 hrs on a newsletter to make it perfect or 1 hour simple newsletter and 4 hrs inviting or following up?  The second choice produces more income and helps more people.  With extra income I can hire someone to make the newsletter and use the remaining hour for follow up.  Hmmm.
    • PERFECTIONIST/CRITICAL?  Have some ‘mean voices’ in the mind that ‘lie’ about how you should do everything perfectly?  The cool thing about free will is that you get to turn the voices off if you want to. 
    • DISTRACTION?  Others control your time?  Can’t say no?  No routine for household peace?  Decide what’s most important and focus there, not everywhere.  Make sure it’s your definition of important, not everyone else’s demands.

Do you relate to any of these?

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