alfalfa nature's multitasker

This super green food does many great things!

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Benefits I’ve found using alfalfa

  • super-green food
  • super-alkalizing food
  • thins blood
  • thins mucus
  • body deodorizer
  • helps clear acne
  • increases milk supply
  • alleviates pregnancy discomfort
  • anti-nausea
  • anti-histamine
  • anti-inflammatory
  • helped arthritis
  • deep root system obtains more nutrients
  • anti-edema
  • helps allergies
  • digestive enzymes
  • relieves sinus congestion
  • detoxes thyroid


  • What nutrients are found in Alfalfa?
    • Protein, Vitamin A, C, E, calcium, potassium, phosphorus & iron
  • Can someone be allergic to Alfalfa?
    • Yes, but only the stem portion of the plant causes allergies.  The brand I trust removes the stems so it doesn’t cause allergies!
  • Does it matter how the alfalfa is processed in terms of effectiveness?
    • Absolutely!  The brand I trust only uses 7 yr old & older plants.  This means the roots are at least 25 feet deep and they can pull up the nutrient reserves from deep in the soil!  We use no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, bactericides, growth regulators, hormones or other chemicals which deplete the nutrients and add toxicity.  We use special harvesting equipment to make certain the greatest concentration of vitamins and minerals are maintained.  To get the best results, we must use the best techniques!
  • Why is the serving size so large (10 tabs)?
    • If I wanted to eat a veggie serving, I wouldn’t eat just one pea or just one blueberry and expect great results.  Since alfalfa is a food, and our alfalfa is concentrated into a tablet form, we don’t have to eat platefuls of alfalfa plant to get the healthy results.  I use 1-7 servings of our alfalfa each day, depending on how many symptoms I want to address.