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detox lemonaide

Why I ♥ this!

  • PURE WATER► carries waste out of me
  • PERFORMANCE► hydrates better than water, balances electrolytes, maintains blood sugar, stamina builder
  • VIVIX► global cutting-edge cellular DNA repair, phytonutrient, anti-inflammatory, defends cells, increases energy production, repairs cellular ‘typos’, anti-inflammatory response to high fat/carb diet!
  • CAYENNE► helps stomach, ulcers, sore throats, congestion, anti-fungal, lessens pain, digestive aid, increases enzymes, metabolizes food, helps detox as a circulatory stimulant, increases lymphatic drainage, makes us sweat, helps cut weight
  • CHERRIES► flavonoids fight dementia, fiber + vita C + carotenoids + anthocyanins = anti cancer, fights against hypertension, stroke, diabetes, inflammation, & insomnia!
  • OPTIFLORA PREBIOTIC► feeds good gut flora, increases bm bulk, raises immunity
  • ALFALFA► digestive enzymes, anti-allergy, thins mucus & congestion, anti-inflammatory
  • LEMON JUICE► prevents kidney stones (↑ citrate to stop calcium stones), sore throat, weight loss (↑ pectin as soluble fiber), stimulates digestive track, stops itches (anti-inflammatory & anesthetic), aids digestion, anti-cancer (↑ liminoids to protect cells), potassium power, fever reducer, balance pH