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Why I ♥ this!

Allergic reactions cause inflammation (in the joints, intestines, sinuses), hives (and other skin rashes, bumps), pain, foggy thinking and exhaustion.  I want those effects to leave as soon as possible!  I used to have 37 acquired allergies.  I dreaded these awful symptoms!   Here’s what I did to get over the initial allergic response & to strengthen my immunity to help avoid future pain.  I take ALFALFA and rub on Herbal Blend cream (to stop the itch!) and move on to this amazing list that has helped me every time…

  1. NUTRIFERON► raises immunity, increases interferon, contains MACH (patented blend of pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers, plantago seeds & honeysuckle buds) to stimulate cellular immunity!
  2. HERB LAX► mild cleansing
  3. LIVER DTX► helps bile flow, milk thistle standardized to 80% silymarin, antioxidant (reishi mushroom, schizandra chinesnsis)
  4. VIVIX► global cutting-edge cellular DNA repair, phytonutrient, anti-inflammatory, defends cells, increases energy production, resveratrol (ingredient in Vivix) repairs cellular ‘typos’, anti-inflammatory response to high fat/carb diet!
  5. DETOX BATHS► helps our largest organ (the skin) to release toxins.
  6. REBOUNDING► up & down movement forces lymphatic fluid to flow & flush toxins, supports bones & joints (NASA uses it with astronauts regain bone density when returning from space), ↓ cellulite, ↓ weight, fun, ↑ balance & posture, ↑ cardiovascular, endocrine & immunity!
  7. PERFORMANCE► hydrates better than water, balances electrolytes, maintains blood sugar, stamina builder
  8. LYMPHATIC MASSAGE► help nodes to drain from MassageByHeather.com


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