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I took some notes from this video I watched.   (by Barb & Ray Madorin & Heather Chastain)



  1. Who you are is enough
  2. How quickly do we replay negative feedback?
    • How often do we disbelieve the good comments?
  3. Embrace the things that make you, you!!
    • Dismiss the rest to get peace!
    • Never think of an unpleasant thing you don’t want to happen, for your thoughts direct the expression of your life!!
    • Build a thought pattern that will guide your expression of happiness.
    • One thought won’t make a happy person, any more than one tree makes a forrest.
    • One happy thought will attract other happy thoughts and soon you’ll find more happy thoughts that crowd out the rest.
    • Our thoughts control everything!
    • Direct our thinking in ways to trust ourselves and our inner voice!
  4. book: mayo clinic guide to stress-free living
    • To gain happiness, you must learn to enjoy that which you have!
    • It’s not how much you have, it’s how you think about what you have!
    • Your happiness is dependent upon the service you give to others.
    • Create the habit of creating the happy thoughts!!



  • What if in 5 years from now, you could be making 1/2 million a year?
  • How often do you go to see your family?
  • What if you had a significant amount coming in each month and you could go whenever you wanted?
  • Can you see yourself walking on that plane?
  • When someone says, “I’d like $3000 a month!”, I don’t concentrate on rank.
    • How much money will I have and how will it make a difference in our lives?
    • How many will I touch this year?
  • To help others, we need to look inside and be at peace with who we are.