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Here’s the purest form of Buckthorn Bark I’ve found that’s combined with 8 other synergistic herbs!


Buckthorn bark is peeled off plants and dried for 1-2 years before being used as a mild (but highly effective) laxative. The longer the bark is dried, the milder its actions.  Buckthorn Bark was listed in both the United States Pharmacopoeia British Pharmacopoeia.  Some great components in Buckthorn Bark include

  • crystalline glucoside (frangulin),
  • anthraquinones like: emodin, Aloe-emodin, rhamnicoside, frangula-emodin, alaterin, chrysophanol, & rein
  • flavonoid glycosides,
  • resins
  • tannic acid.  4

3 Reasons You’ll want to get Buckthorn Bark in Your Body Every Night!

1) constipation | hemorrhoids | fissures

  • Buckthorn Bark contains rhamnus frangula which increases the colon’s ability to spontaneously contract to push the fecal matter through your colon instead of remaining stationary and becoming impacted.  As your colon contracts more regularly, more frequent movements are produced. 3
  • Buckthorn Bark makes stools softer and gives them more volume to pass easily.  5
  • Buckthorn Bark affects the intestinal nerves to relieve constipation and ease evacuation of the bowels.  It helps to relieve pain and pressure, especially for people who have hemorrhoids, anal fissures or have had rectal-anal surgery.  2
  • The tannins in Buckthorn Bark allows hemorrhoids and anal fissures to heal more quickly because the softer stools pass more easily, without irritation.
  • Buckthorn bark is used to cleanse the colon in prep for gastrointestinal procedures. 3
  • Buckthorn Bark is effective in cases of chronic constipation and atonic constipation, which is caused by inadequate intake of fluids, poor diet or overuse of purgatives that result in loss of natural reflexes. 4
  • Buckthorn Bark is also used to ease abdominal bloating.

2) blood purification

  • Buckthorn Bark has been used as a ‘blood purifier’ and diuretic.

3) liver | gallstones

  • Buckthorn Bark stimulates the production of bile secretions, which promote healthy gallbladder and liver functions, helping with problems like cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis and gallstones.
  • It’s also used to help overcome parasites.

When Buckthorn Bark is combined with 8 other herbs, the synergistic effect is powerful!!  Here’s the purest form of Buckthorn Bark I’ve found that is already combined with 8 other synergistic herbs!


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